Jungle Cruise – The Backside of Water is Funnier

Ratings (1 out of 5)

Summary: Everyone has their own vision of what the hell is and images of possible tortures. Snakes, spiders, burning flesh all pop to mind. And now “Jungle Cruise” appears on the list of new ways for the devil to torture our souls for eternity. I love the Rock (Dwayne Johnson), but you know it is terrible when even his charm can’t help a movie.

Emily Blunt was lifeless in the film, and there was no chemistry between her character and the Rock. A soulless couple. And Paul Giamatti showing up to remind us that actors are just simple working folk like all of us and need a paying job.

The best part of the movie was the bad jokes, merely because they reminded me of my childhood at Disneyland. Seriously, when the conquistadors popped out of the Rock, it reminded me of “Pirates of the Caribbean.” This is a waste of a film whose sole purpose is for Disney to upgrade their attraction at the park.

My daughter watched “Jungle Cruise” twice. I don’t understand why. I hope she is okay.

If you want a romantic adventure film, watch “The Mummy.” At least those characters have at least Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz have some chemistry.

Plot: Lily (Emily Blunt) searches for a unique leaf from a tree that can cure everything. She has a map of its location in the Amazon, and she hires Frank’s (The Rock) boat to transport them there. They are racing the evil Prince Joachim (Jesse Plemons).