Holidate versus Love Hard

It is almost impossible for a Holiday Rom-Com to ever score a perfect score on an overall grading curve, at least from me. My personal favorite is “While You Were Sleeping.” For many others, “Elf” would start the list. Therefore if you consider that a Holiday Rom-Com should max out at 4, then the scores of these movies are actually very highly rated.

My entertainment from these movies was increased because I was with my family and we laughed or groaned. I would recommend both movies for family movie night, as they are very watchable.


Rating (2.5 out of 5) much higher for mother-in-laws

Summary: The plot of the film is precisely what you expect. In that regard, there aren’t any surprises. The movie is straightforward and follows a perfect Rom-Com development. Admittedly, I laughed a couple of times. How is someone’s finger getting blown off not funny, I mean, in a movie? In real life, it must hurt a lot.

Downsides. The male and female stereotypes they presented were something out of the 2000s. Get with the times. Honestly, there were a few cringe-worthy lines.

This is a charming and family-appropriate holiday film.

Plot: Sloane (Emma Roberts) is tired of being harassed by her family for not having a holiday date. So she partners with Jackson (Luke Bracey) to buddy up during holidays. Of course, one thing leads to another, and romance is on the way.


Rating (2.5 out of 5) Again, much higher for MILs.

Summary: Like “Holidate,” you know how the story will develop from watching the trailer. In every way, this is similar to “Holidate,” straightforward and to the point. Natalie’s triumph over some of her fears and Josh’s assistance in conquering them were some of the pleasant takeaways here.

There were parts stolen right out of other movies. For example, Josh and his father’s relationship was a carbon copy (does anyone who reads this blog will know what a carbon copy actually is) of “While You Were Sleeping.

Plot: Natalie (Nina Dobrev) is tired of bad dates and hopes to find someone. She travels to the east coast to find out she has been catfished by Josh (Jimmy O. Yang).