Don’t Look Up – Don’t Waste Your Time

Rating (2 out of 5)

Summary: If I hadn’t turned around and watched a much worse film right after watching this dud, the score for “Don’t Look Up” would have been much lower. Watching the movie, you can tell that Adam McKay sincerely believed this was a witty political comedy scathing to, mainly Republicans. The predictable jokes, dry dialogue, and a story lacking any fun or whimsy it wanted to achieve. The script feels forced and angry.

There are a few good chuckles. Kate (Jennifer Lawrence) had an ongoing joke about why a general sold them free snacks at the White House. We all chuckled when the joke came back around. The best was Ariana Grande mimicking herself. It is refreshing to see a pop start making fun of themselves. Other than these few humorous moments, the other jokes were too obvious and fell flat. For example, the captain of the space mission Benedict (Ron Perlman), makes racist statements; that joke was funny 5 years ago.

The movie is overly preachy at moments. The most egregious example is Dr. Mindy’s (Leonardo DiCaprio) rant of America working together. The righteous scenes were overt and in your face. No subtlety and no humor were my takeaways.

I was constantly rolling my eyes at the dialogue. It is such a shame; there was so much potential here. “Don’t Look Up” is a letdown for a film with a great cast.

Plot: Kate discovers a planet-killing comet heading to earth. Her professor, Dr. Mindy, and herself try to convince the president and the world to take action.