Die in a Gunfight – Do Not Watch

Rating (1 out of 5)

Summary: Why did I try this? Maybe because big production items were boring me, and if I was going to watch a bad movie, why not take a risk. Unfortunately, the movie is as bad as it appears. It is hard to find a film as poorly paced as “Die in a Gunfight.” Then right behind the poor pacing is the considerable plot leaps; these together crippled the movie.

Basically, they attempted to make a Guy Ritchie version of a Romeo and Juliet. A couple in love from two opposing families try to marry, but various people they have met lead to a final gunfight. The premise was intriguing, and non-love parts of the story are actually enjoyable. The essence of the plot was there.

The pace mainly suffered by overly focusing on the two lovers. Seriously, “Die in a Gunfightin” is only 1 1/2 movie, and there were only two interesting scenes. This means the rest of the movie is filled with fluff. We don’t need to spend the entire movie focusing on them. We get that they are in love. That is all that needs to be said. Move it along and give us a bit more action.

Plot: Mary (Alexandra Daddario) and Ben (Diego Boneta) are from two opposing families but are in love. Will they find love before Mary’s deranged stalker kills Ben?