Hit Monkey – A Hit For Me

Rating (4.5 [Maybe a 5] out of 5″

Summary: To use a cliche from dating shows, “Hit Monkey” checked all the boxes for me. An animated Marvel TV series (10 episodes) with a dash of humor, a dash of self-reflection, a dash (maybe more than a dash) of good comic violence. The result is probably the most entertaining Marvel content since “Thor: Ragnarok.”

Plot: Hit-Monkey’s (Fred Tatasciore) clan is destroyed by criminals who eliminate hitman Bryce (Jason Sudeikis). Bryce becomes a ghost tied to Hit-Monkey and coaches Hit-Monkey to seek revenge.

Summary Continued: Jason Sudeikis is the ever-present ghost who constantly cracks jokes. I liken his performance to a Ryan Reynolds role. He had to have all the speaking roles since the monkey could only grunt. But that all worked for me. The balance between the two characters worked well.

To me, “Hit Monkey” aligns better with the original comics. The violence was good pure comic violence, with the monkey wearing a suit, using swords and guns, blood and splattering everywhere. Reading comics where Wolverine tears through everyone was excellent. What isn’t there to love?

Both Bryce and Monkey have moments where they have to explore who they are and who they are becoming. This self-reflection was just the right length to show the growth in both characters, but it doesn’t slow the show. Actually, this one-episode hiatus sets up continuing the show for season 2.

Finally, all good shows need a good villain, and they decided on Lady Bullseye (Reiko Aylesworth). They do a masterful job of introducing her and demonstrating how deadly cold she is. A masterful character that really pushed both characters and perfectly suited the style of the show.

The actual proof of the quality is that my wife actually watched and enjoyed episodes with me. She has even mentioned it to friends (who like superhero stuff) as something to watch. I look forward to another season.