CODA – Solid, Nothing New

Rating (3 out of 5)

Summary: I have been shopping for new video games lately. When the game comes on screen, my wonderful but cynical wife will comment how closely these games resemble old games I used to play. All they have done is replace robots versus zombies, or instead of Mario, we get a hedgehog. Her point, same game, with a different face.

“CODA” is about a teenager Ruby (Emilia Jones) discovers herself, but in this case, her family is deaf, but she is not. The same movie as thousands of others before “CODA,” with a slightly different obstacle. Please don’t expect to be knocked to the floor with something new. This solid film keeps a steady pace and trajectory to a happy Hollywood end.

The film’s most fascinating aspect was the few moments where they delve into the deaf world. I really enjoyed the view of Ruby’s concert from the parents’ viewpoint. The director turned off the sound to show how they had to observe the audience or the joy in Ruby’s face.

This is perfect for family movie night.