The Fable – Interesting Concept…So Close

Rating (2.5 out of 5)

Summary: Warning this is a Japanese film, and you will have to read the subtitles.

The movie has a solid premise, and there are parts to this movie that show the glimmers of a great film. However, the film never decides on a comedy or dark hitman movie and gets lost.

The premise is a mob hitman (Jun’ichi Okada) is told to move to Osaka and lead an ordinary life for a year. Of course, he falls for a girl, and one of the mob men is trying to recruit her for prostitution. At the same time, another pair of hitmen are searching for him, as they believe they will become legends if they kill him.

Fable doesn’t know how to have an ordinary life and constantly asks if this is ordinary. He likes a weird kids’ show, is sensitive to hot foods, and has odd eating habits. The kids’ show he watches was a nice running joke. Fable learning to be normal was entertaining.

The actions screens are good and John Wickish in nature. That is quite fun. But where the movie fails is leveraging the humor. The film took some dark slants, but it wasn’t offset with enough humor at times.

There are a few tweaks to this movie, and you would have a cult classic hit on your hands. Admittedly, I am glad I watched this film. I guess it is popular enough; they made a second one. I bet some English-speaking director will remake Fable soon.

While this was a 2.5, it was a 3.5 for me that night because it was relaxing to watch a carefree movie.