The Silent Sea – Koreans Make Blah Sci-Fi As Well

Rating (2.5 out of 5)

Summary: I am beginning to notice a trend in Korean shows, government evil, everyone dies, except the little girl. Now take your typical science fiction, add those parameters, and get “The Silent Sea.” Netflix is trying to take advantage of the success of the “Squid Game.” Unfortunately, this is not that little gem.

The .5 was added because I did want to see how it ended.

Plot: A small team is sent to the moon to recover some samples from a deserted base. The samples can save the water-starved earth. What happened on the moon-base before they arrived, and did someone survive?

Summary (continued): Dr. Song (Bae Doona) is overbearing on the whole show. Her constant depressed mode sets the tone for the show. Then, her mechanical counterpart, Han(Gong Yoo), the mission leader, makes the show relatively dry. Even the reveal of the double-agent was a bit blah. Maybe the dryness is the dubbing. Hmmm, nope. Story trumps all.

Then the end really upset me. They have to leave the station, and everyone is getting their gear on, and finally, they can escape the station. However, Luna (Si-ah Kim) goes out of the station before Dr. Song. She starts taking off her spacesuit while on the surface of the moon. For F(*#@s sake, I understand she has mutated DNA, but running around the moon without a spacesuit was ridiculous.

The Silent Sea” is an average effort that isn’t worthy of your time.