Reacher (Amazon Series) vs Jack Reacher (movie)

Winner, Reacher by a long shot. Tom Cruise lacks the coolness and intimidation factor that A

Reacher Rating (3 out of 5)

Summary: My mom recommended this TV show to us. However, after watching the show, I see why. Like Bridgestone, Alan Ritchson is great eye candy.

That all aside, he does a great job of balance smart with strength. His banter with his cohorts was lively and enjoyable.

The series itself is a couple of episodes long, and you know where it is going fairly early on during the series.

The little bit of exploring of Reacher’s past made him a bit more personable.

While not the most riveting show in the world, I will probably watch a Season 2.

Jack Reacher (2.5 out of 5)

Summary: I watched this movie after watching the TV series. While Tom Cruise is impressive about his body at his age, it is laughable compared to Alan Ritchson.

There is a scene in the street when he is taking on 5 thugs. His demeanor lacked a certain spunk that was in the TV Series.

Then the interactions between him and Rosemund Pike were creepy. The camera angles in the office scene were odd, and the lack of lighting was weird as well.

The highlight was Werner Herzog. He was scary, and really sold you on the justification for the end.

I have watched Jai Courtney in quite a few movies now, and this movie is no exception, he is lifeless. He takes energy away from scenes.