All of Us Are Dead – Koreans Rock Zombies

Ratings (3.5 out of 5)

Summary: If you enjoy “Train to Busan,” then this 12 episode series is for you. It is a solid high school zombie film. Now it is Korean, so don’t expect too many people to live. Holding to Korean form, there are some prodding of socioeconomic differences between people and politicians are all bad. All these are done in a natural way, that you don’t walk away feeling you have been preached at.

They follow various sets of characters well, and how they all finally meet. The kids who are bullied, the police officer, the heroine father, someones older sister, and even the bully. The show explores them enough to keep it interesting. They allow enough downtime between zombie battles, to explore feelings. However, the feelings are just the right length so the show doesn’t get bogged down.

I wish there was more too describe about this show. If you enjoyed zombie shows, and Korean TV/Movies, then this entertaining. If not, this is just another boring zombie show.

Plot: Didn’t I say this was a zombie show?